My scientific background covers multiple disciplines. I obtained a master’s degree in chemistry,¬†after which I performed my PhD research in experimental soft matter physics, where I extensively studied micron-sized particles that are found in a variety of products in food, paint & coatings, cosmetics, electronics and medical industries. After obtaining my doctoral studies I went abroad to perform post-doctoral studies in computer simulations on material science and was rewarded a Marie Curie fellowship in biophysics studying adhesive interactions of bacteria with surfaces using image recognition and big data analysis. I have experience working on research projects together with small companies and large businesses.

Besides fundamental research, I also actively investigate potential investments. During this process, I noticed that particularly for tech companies basic financial information is often available but a detailed & reliable analysis of their science and technology is hard to obtain. This applies to young concepts such as new renewable energy technologies and novel applicationsin FinTech and DLT/blockchain technology, but is also true for more established industries constantly innovating their products. I wanted to create a company that can provide valuable research and analysis to support investors in making better decisions and help small companies and larger businesses maximising their potential.