What we offer

Research for investors

Technology is key to long-term success, but investors often find it difficult to assess its value. We perform company interviews and a detailed analysis.

Scientific expertise

We employ scientific and entrepreneurial expertise to identify risks and opportunities. Our expertise covers areas of soft matter physics, biophysics, IT development and FinTech.

Conscientious investing

Sustainability can be important. Let us evaluate ecological impact, durability, and other factors.

About us

Choosing long-term investments is complicated. This is especially true for venture capital and angel investors, who often make decisions based on limited information available for start-ups and small companies. In particular, it is often difficult to assess the value of their science and technology. Lumakia uses scientific research expertise to assist in the due diligence process by investigating company technology to enable investors to make more informed decisions. Another goal is to use our research to help companies identify their strengths and weaknesses. Although investors and companies can initially have separate interests, in the end they both profit when the company thrives. Scientists can offer an independent voice to present cases to the board or assist with directing research funding or recruitment of experts.

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Investment research

You are an investor interested in a sector or a specific investment because you believe in its growth potential. However, your knowledge or expertise of the underlying science and technology are limited. We can help by performing a detailed analysis and visit companies to perform interviews and review their research and production facilities. We report back to you and can provide a report with our conclusions.

Portfolio background

You are an investor currently enjoying one of the longest bull markets in financial history. However, eventually there will be another financial crisis. How will your investment portfolio fare when it arrives? Thoroughly understanding the technology behind your investments can help to assess associated risks and refine your strategy. We don't offer investment advice, but we can aid in providing more background knowledge of your investments.

Objective analysis

You are a startup company with a promising new technology offering several interesting applications. Because you require funding for further development you want to assess its value and potential. Lumakia can act as an objective third party to perform a detailed analysis including risks and opportunities to help you with your investment proposition.

Confidential intermediation

An interested investor asks for more information about your technology. You need the money, but would rather not disclose your valuable trade secrets directly to them. We can serve as an intermediary to perform an independent analysis and supply the investor with our conclusions without revealing sensitive details of the technology.

Assisting in tech development

You are a company director planning to invest in research and development to maintain your competitive advantage. It can save considerable amounts of money, time and efforts to place a suitable scientific expert to assist on how to direct funding and make cases to the board. A link to research institutes and universities can also initiate partnerships for equipment or expertise.

Improving recruitment

You are a company planning to enrich your labour force with new personnel to develop technology. Because funding is limited, it is especially important to select suitable people for the job. However, you are not an expert on the matter. Independent scientists can assist in the recruitment process by identifying and recognising the required mix of skills and provide criteria for the selection procedure.